Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ridge Zinfandel 2005 - California

On July 7, 2007
Ridge Zinfandel Sullivan 2005 (California)
We recently saw an interview in Wine Spectator magazine with chef Thomas Keller (of The French Laundry and Per Se). Keller was asked what’s in his personal wine cellar, and this one-of-the-world’s-best-chefs said: “A lot of Ridge Zinfandel.” Ken was exposed to Ridge wines when he lived in California two decades ago. They are still his favorite red wines, and for a “high-end” wine are surprisingly affordable (usually about $25-$35 per bottle). Tonight we had a new bottling of Ridge Sullivan 2005. This is significantly softer than most Ridge Zins. Blackberries, some tannins but not monster mouth-puckering. We think this is a nice addition to Ridge’s line. A Yes wine. $24 (only available through Ridge’s ATP mail-list program). Literally any Ridge wine is for us also a House wine (we’re on their mailing list), despite being in our “Special Occasion” price range.