Monday, July 23, 2007

Chateau Peyraud Bordeaux & Scallops

On July 22, 2007
Chateau Peyraud 2003 (Bordeaux, France)
We found this inexpensive Bordeaux blend in our local wine store. Pretty good for a cheap French Cabernet/Merlot blend (we imagine, the label doesn't specify). Tastes of spice, blackberries, some weight and tannins. Not too well integrated at first, but rounded out a bit after it had been in the glass for awhile. A Yes/Maybe wine. $13.

Scallops pan braised in a sauce of sake, olive oil, sweet red pepper spread. With Saffron rice on the side. Big red wines aren’t “supposed” to go with delicate foods like scallops. So what? We enjoyed the combination.