Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scarlet of Paris Pinot Noir & Mushroom Souffle

On July 10, 2007
Scarlet of Paris Pinot Noir 2005 (France)
It used to be that unless you knew French geography and wine, and had a good memory, you were pretty much stumped by French wine labels. In many ways, that’s still the case, but it’s nice (for Americans, at least) that a few French producers are actually putting grape varietal names on labels. This is a wonderful, fruity (cherries, plum) Pinot, yet with a definite French flavor profile – some minerals and very well integrated. One of our House wines. $10 at retail in our area.

Mushroom & Brie Soufflé. The fluffiest, puffiest, lightest soufflé you could ever imagine. Only four eggs (free-range local), brie cheese, crimini mushrooms alongside King Boletes (fresh-picked from the forest), and a touch of Dijon mustard. How deliciously delightful!