Monday, January 30, 2012

Garlic Soup

This Garlic Soup is served over a toast crouton, and topped with a hard-boiled egg and grated cheese. Simply but extremely filling. (And be careful who you eat it with - we're talking lots of garlic.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome Back to My Kitchen

Admit it. You probably thought this blog was gone, vanished, down the garbage disposal. Well, for awhile we did, too. But we’ve decided to try and bring some life back to it, and chat again about food, cooking, recipes, wine, and all things sensual, creative, and satisfying in the kitchen and dining room.

Here is an HDR (high dynamic range) image of “my studio.” This is my creative space – my wife’s a painter and she has her painting studio, so I guess the kitchen is my studio. And although I try to pretend I’m king of my domain, I do let her into my space.

So the second photo is one of Francesca’s recent pasta dishes. It shows how creative (and tasty) we can get when we break out of our box. Linguini with pine nuts, capers, hazelnuts, red pepper, black olives, Italian parsley, and a good olive oil. A few gratings of asiago cheese on top, and you’re set.