Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Search Engines Say the Cutest Things

We seldom spend time looking at the statistics of our various websites and blogs. But a recent post on the Ridge Winery blog got us to thinking (always a very dangerous thing).

Since the first of the year, this blog has been reached directly; by referrals; and via 228 different search terms. Most of those searches are, naturally, related to a specific wine or a recipe. But a few stood out as a little off-beat.

In many of these cases, we have no idea what on this site it was that the search engine picked up on. Nonetheless, here is a short list of “unusual” search terms that drove visitors to our site. (These are the exact search terms as listed from Google Analytics.)

  • b&g wine cookbooks
  • free recipes from the three chimney's cookbook
  • hough purry
  • +"cellier des chartreux" +"chevalier d'anthelme"
  • a meal without wine is no meal at all
  • b and g bistro pinot noir 2005 kansas city
  • beringer white merlot vegan
  • face book errazuriz
  • garbanzo restaurant applications
  • mr. mirassou hot wine recipes
  • pahlmeyer safeway
  • quote would rather have the steak than the sizzle
  • the world's greatest wine estates - a modern perspective pahlmeyer
  • how much is a bottle of 1992 beringer white-zinfandel

A few comments:
We have no idea what a “hough purry” is, nor what “errazuriz” has to do with Facebook (or “face book”).
We are curious about the “vegan white merlot,” as we are about how a 1992 white zin would age.
We never realized there was a “mister Mirassou,” much less that he offered “hot wine recipes.”