Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Silver Lake Sauvignon Blanc & Risotto

On July 2, 2007
Silver Lake Columbia Valley 2003 Sauvignon Blanc (Washington)
Not bad, but not special. Some hints of green apple on the nose and palate; more toward the California style than the bright New Zealand type. Possibly a bit old and tired? Most contemporary Sauvignons are best drunk very young. For us, not worth a repeat visit unless we found a new release to try. A Maybe/No wine. Price unknown (probably ~$10).

We both worked late, so had a simple butternut squash risotto (from a box) with braised fresh Kale – a little herbed olive oil, a splash of whatever white wine we had open, a sprinkle of a favorite Italian Spice mix. (We usually shy away from spice mixes, preferring individual spices, but we really enjoy Dean Jacob’s 4 Bread Dipping Seasonings.) Good complementary foods.