Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cheese Soufflé

People get so afraid of the word “soufflé.” But if we substitute “egg puff” or “easy cheese-and-egg dish” a lot more folks would try this wonderful creation. If you can make a cake, you can make a soufflé easier and in half the time.

Even Julia Child makes it look pretty simple. Sure, she uses a couple of pages to describe the process, but then she was writing for mid 20th century American housewives who’d probably never seen a whisk or a copper bowl before.

Francesca had a badly infected tooth removed, so we were looking for soft but nourishing meals. This was a very simple cheese (Gruyere) soufflé, without any spinach or ham or anything chunky or chewy. Julia’s basic recipe probably can’t be improved upon.

I paired this with a Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon. (She isn’t drinking again yet. Smart.) I also had some left-over sautéed potatoes with wasabi mayonnaise on the side.